40000 mouches / 40000 flies by B&B et Bukowski

40000 flies C bukowski
Voici un texte de Charles Bukowski mis en musique par nos soins. ça s'appelle 40000 flies / 400000 mouches en français. On a pas voulu faire dans la dentelle sur ce coup là aussi s'est fait plaisir à la jouer rock n' roll façon garage.
On s'est pas emmerdé donc....d'ailleurs on a mélangé allègrement les paroles en français en anglais comme ça nous chantait, histoire de faire sonner ce poème Bukowskien.
Qu'en pensez-vous?

40000 flies - 2011 -

lyrics 40 000 flies charles bukowski

torn by a temporary wind
we come back together again

check walls and ceilings for cracks and the eternal spiders
wonder if there will be one more woman

40,000 flies running the arms of my soul

I met a million dollar baby in a 5 and 10 cent store
arms of my soul?
what kind of shit is this?

it’s so easy to be a poet
and so hard to be a man.


Musique B and B - Joga Bjork - Homogenic

When you love, you do not count. Bjork is one of those artists that B & B likes because she has learned since her "debut" to express a very personal exciting world full of surprises. To say that we have not been influenced Bjork her and her approach would be a lie that you're not ready to swallow. Today we decided to introduce the song by Bjork JOGA we completely changed the arrangements and the spirit. However, this is actually Bjork and we hope you enjoy this cover as much as the original.

And the original version of course, illustrated by a Michel Gondry's video clip  :

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